April 26, 2014

Stop Killing Michelle Rodriguez!

Look, just stop, okay? If you're going to make an interminably bad series of pain-by-numbers action films, do yourself a favor and hire Rodriguez for a 10 movie deal right out of the gate. If you kill her character off, somewhere down the line you'll have to spend those five extra minutes to come up with a way to bring her back through movie magic, so why not save yourself all that bother and don't kill her in the first place?

Resident Evil did it, and then a few movies later the "film"makers of that series realized that killing her off was stupid and so brought her back from the dead with sci-fi cloning magic technology, since, you know, they can do that. Now Even Faster and Moar Furiouser Part π has done it, after killing her off in That One They Made That Was the Same as the First One Minus the Definite Article.

So here's the lesson for Hollywood: Don't kill Michelle Rodriguez! Your shitty film series will be even shittier as a result, so Just Don't Do It.

And seriously, where is that Aliens remake? Rodriguez ain't getting any younger.

That is all.