April 15, 2015

Down Memory Lane

Your old pal Carl Eusebius wasn't always a bitter, cantankerous old man. No, I was once a bitter, cantankerous child. Though my taste was never so bad that I liked a Michael Bay movie, it was still pretty goddamned bad. There were plenty of shitty movies during the '90s that I liked because I was young, stupid, and ignorant.

I mean to revenge my(younger)self upon these movies. This new series will rip the shit out of crappy movies that I, for reasons lost to the sands of time, actually liked as a dumb teenager.

So join your old pal on this jaunt down memory lane, as I show just how stupid I used to be before my Transfiguration into the semi-divine being I am today.

1 comment:

  1. I used to like Edward Scissorshand, but I don't like it anymore. I used to love all movies from HK, but now that I rewatch some of them, I often wonder, "What was I thinking?" Give us a list of movies you liked in the 90s that you don't like anymore. I am sure I will disagree with some of them. I still like most of Arnold's movies.